Plasma Cleaner

We introduce EION which provides more than superior service.

Plasma Cleaner 01

Downstream Plasma Cleaner

Introducing ibss Group’s GV10x Downstream Asher, which removes
Hydrocarbon 10 to 20 times faster than conventional plasma cleaners
through its innovative technology.

The GV10x removes Hydrocarbon at a removal rate of 15nm/min at 30w.
GV10x provides a plasma cleaner user experience. It also safely removers
Hydrocarbon in the high vacuum range of 0.5mbr ~ 5.0e – 10-⁴mbar,
without reducing TMP speed.

Save time and cost
with GV10x

GV10x has already proven itself in reducing time and cost. To be
Hydrocarbon-free, GV10x plasma cleaner is a must for SEM, FIB and TEM

Controller with
two options available.

EION offer two different controllers to power operate GV10x plasma sources.
The choice between BT and 2U is a laboratory user preference, and ibss GUI
software is compatible with both controllers.

controller OPtion 01

Bench Top controller

Includes BT touch panel for operation when GV10x GUI software and
its compatible (Windows OS) GUI cannot be installed

controller option 02

2U controller

Compatible with GV10x GUI software, operating without a manual
button panel through its compact design.

GV10x P5 source

· Operating pressure: 5mbar ~ 5.0e- 10-⁴mbar
· Extended power range: 5-100 watts RF power
· Very high cleaning efficiency and uniformity.
· Reduced contamination 10 to 20 times faster than traditional plasma cleaner.
· Full operation with TMP on.
· Can be controlled in seconds.
· No heating, sputtering, or etching.

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