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About ibss Group, inc.

Introducing a global company,
developer and manufacturer of

Ibss Group, Inc. entered the global market in 2003 by introducing an innovative
plasma process to remove Hydrocarbon contamination in SEM using a
downstream plasma cleaner.

In 2007, ibss Group, Inc. cooperated with the developer to patent the original
plasma source and to develop, produce the new paradigm of the in situ
downstream plasma cleaner
Reasonably priced GV10x downstream asher achieves a high vacuum at full
TMP operation, effectively reducing 10 to 20 times more than carbon and
Hydrocarbon contamination than traditional methods.

Currently, ibss Group continues to research and develop the GV10x to successfully
cquire customers of EM and synchrotron lab form all over the world through the
GV10x and related products.
All models acquired the CE mark certification. We are currently expanding our
global business with partners in the U.S, Europe, Asia, and the middle East.


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