We introduce EION which provides more than superior service.

Our goals: Quality-Cost-Delivery

Trust worthy analytical equipment vendor,
EION always believes that the customer
comes first

Welcome to our website.
EION, with the establishment of the company in 2016, is quickly growing in the domestic
nanotechnology market, based on the outstanding performance and competitiveness of
GV10x DS Asher, which features innovative technology to remove Hydrocarbon 10~20
times faster than the existing Plasma Cleaner, through domestic and overseas SEM FIB SDB
equipment installation, maintenance, technical support service and partnership with ibss
Group, Inc. of the U.S.

With more than 10 years of experience in analytical equipment, we provide superior
services, compared to our competitors. We always place immediate priority on responding
to customers’ requests and place the highest value on providing the best service. We have
objectives for mutual growth through co-operation with customers.

Representative Director by Kwon JeongHoon

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